Design Process Dragonball Z Vegeta Varsity baseball jacket

Very stoked to finally release this brand new item that took a while to make. The Dragonball Z Vegeta Varsity jacket. In this blog, I want to take you guys with me in the process of this Dragonball Z jacket, tell you about my thought process and finally show some behind-the-scenes footage. For those of you that have not seen the actual product yet or missed the drop on my Instagram, feel free to click the link :

vegeta varsity emb jacket

Thought process of the Dragonball Z Vegeta Varsity Art

I was looking for a fun challenge production / design-wise because it’s always fun to bring something new and interesting to my loyal followers and supporters. You have all seen it flashing by the last couple of years, t-shirts, embroidered hoodies (a personal favorite ) to witty gadgets like phone cases and I even think we released mousepads at some point, haha.

But then it hit me, I have never ever designed a jacket before. And every time I look at one of my favorite brands like Bape or Carhartt, the first thing I check out is the latest arrivals of jackets. So I took it as my mission to convey that exciting feeling of copping a new jacket you haven’t seen before.

Design process of the Dragonball Z Vegeta Varsity baseball Jacket

The first thing I did NOT want to do is create a Dragonball jacket that would be all over the place / inconsistent. It needed to be wearable and easy to be integrated into an outfit. Maybe match it with some cool denim pants or wear a white tee underneath it to give it that lowkey but interesting vibe.

As every single one of our items, it should be representing a certain character. This time I chose to throw Majin Vegeta in the field. For those of you who have no idea or need their memory refreshed here is a little clip of an iconic moment in the series:

What is the most iconic / representative color of a Dragonball super Saiyan? You guessed it, it is a beautiful golden yellow tone. Now that I have my first color I wrapped more colors around it while purposely restraining myself from using too many. The gold would be complimented with both dark grey and white accents and a drop of the envious green for the eyes.

vegeta varsity emb jacket

Starting the design: sketching from image references of the Dragonball Z universe

After choosing the style, colors, and character I usually like to start sketching and opening up my Adobe Illustrator. Using the pen tool, references from manga or anime screenshots. Always like to use warm and cold Pantone’s in combination to make the images pop more. I’m one of those people that does everything in one layer and gets all chaotic but in the end, somehow manages to dissect each element. With embroidery purposes in my mind, I knew I could not go too crazy on the details since details always tend to look messy when embroidered, at least too much will.

I instantly began to think about baseball jacket-like emblems that could be extracted from Dragonball elements like the Dragonball, the 9K representing the following iconic ‘’it’s over 9000 moment ‘’ in the series.

This is how it looked like after a few hours of designing the application I planned to embroider onto the jacket:

For my fellow designers out there, feel free to hit me on Instagram dm to share/ask me for some tips regarding this software. I have been using it for years and would love to send you some les through or work on collabs.

After designing all of the separate elements we made a few mockups regarding the placements and chose from there. Unfortunately, I do not have too much behind the scene’s footage/sketching footage because I was not prepared to blog about it at the time so I did not save too much. Recently started this journey so the next time will be even better when it comes to inside info.

We put the item into motion after giving the manufacturer the green light and from the buttons to the sleeve’s every fabric was handpicked and chosen, making it a real cut & sew item as they call it.

The whole process was fun. Educative and took a lot of energy. So the reward was denietely worth it of seeing it in person for the first time after several weeks of production time.

The item will not be restocked, so it’s truly a collector’s item. We appreciate all of you reading our blogs and following our socials. Feel free to dm on Instagram and we will hook you up with a free sticker pack to show some appreciation! 🙂

Interested in ordering the exclusive Dragonball Z Vegeta Varsity baseball jacket? Check it out over here. Also, check out my other custom exclusive anime apparel over here.


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