Naruto vs Sasuke denim jacket – Custom painted request for client

Dear Creative,

Some of you might be familiar with my hand painted anime denim jackets,
few of you probably know these are also available as custom request.
So if you have an idea and want to get a custom 1/1 painted denim jacket made with your favorite character
or want to surprise someone with an unique gift,
read this so you can get an idea how this process works and how also you can place a request.

Special request

Printing technique

Start painting !

This client reached out to me through instagram direct message, and wondered if it was possible
to get a Naruto vs Sasuke inspired denim jacket. He showed me this amazing manga panel that he wanted to see colorized.
So the first thing i did was color in the panel using Adobe Illustrator.
This is my favorite piece of software.

The panel would be applicated on the jacket using a special DTF technique for optimal wearing purposes.
In the video you can see how i press this design on the back using a heat press. This is done with a preset around 150 celcius. After the pressing i wait 5 minutes before i peel the DTF sheet off.

Now that the colorized illustration is on the back it is time for the fun part, the additional painting details.
For the side of Sasuke i painted purple Susanoo flames, and for Naruto i painted yellow Nine-Tails Chakra mode fire.
As usual i like to paint my signature chains on the sleeves, this is just an essential at this point haha ! 🙂

Where is this scene from ?

If you wonder where the scene is from, it is called ”The final battle” by Naruto Shippuden.
Sasuke Absorbs all Tailed Beast Chakra then Uses Indra Arrow on Naruto
Naruto Battles Sasuke for the Final Time While Whole the whole Word is asleep Inside Infinite Tsukuyomi.
So here i want to redirect you to the actual video.
Also what do you think about the anime art style in this particular scene ? In my opinion it is a 7 out of 10…

I want my own jacket made!

Now if you want to get your own custom 1/1 denim jacket made, and have this crazy idea you want
to bring to life! I am very curious about your idea.

Please reach out to me through either email : [email protected] or instagram dm : @Reskdstroy.

The creation process takes around 2 weeks at max, and will be shipped out when you are completely satisfied !

Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon ! ;

Isaac, Reskdstroy


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