Pokémon Graffiti Mural – Venusaur

Dear Reskdstroy Reader,

Today i would like to tell and show you all about a recent mural i had the oppurtunity of painting!
Below you can check out the short video of the process.

Idea behind the Venusaur Graffiti

A friend of mine who i went to Graphic design school with shares the same passion for Graffiti art as me, and has this wall in his garden he likes to have painted now and then.

So i came with the suggestion of doing a Venusaur themed mural this time. He agreed so i started sketching and thinking of the placement of this graffiti design, previously i had painted a Mewtwo on this exact wall, so i had to paint over it and say goodbye to one of my old creations.

The initial sketch for the graffiti painting!

I really wanted to make sure i were to optimize the space of the wall, because in my opinion too much empty space just doesn’t do a Pokémon like this justice.
I wanted the Venusaur to be intimidating and very ” in your face! ” like.

In the sketch i also made sure the pose was interesting, by making it seem like he is storming towards the viewer, giving it EX / TCG card vibes.

Sketching on the wall using white spraypaint.

First step of painting Venusaur,

The first step i always do is make sure the surface is quite smooth and clear.
Because the first step is the most important, sketching.
For this i use a white spraycan so i can clearly see the guidelines later on when i will be filling in the larger areas with color.

When the sketch is clear and i have a good idea of placement and shape, i will go on to the next phase, in this stage a lot of redefining and loose lines happen, i am not worrying about it looking clean yet.

First layer of base color, Atlantis Green !

Now comes one of my favorite stages, coloring.

I am only focussing on the larger areas at first, as you can see the mint green color is being placed, the Montana spraypaint company calls this color ”Atlantis”.
I also am coloring in the large leaves on it’s back with a more warm tone of green. This is a very basic stage and i do not allow myself to get into detail or shading to really keep it comprehensive and not get lost into detail.

Starting the first layer of shading, it’s coming alive!

Shading and detailing using Graffiti!

Now that every color is placed i am starting to shade slightly here and there and think about the light source, so i will know where the light will hit the venusaur it’s shapes.
To really give it definition and sell it that ”popping of the wall” effect. This is a stage that requires some thinking and having a grasp of underlying 3d shapes and the effect of light and shadow.

It is starting to come together through detail !

Don’t you just love it when your spraypaint cap clogs like this?, yeah me neither lol!
This is what happens when you forget to shake your can properly i guess 😉

Looking really guilty!
Sigh… forgot to shake the spraycan.

The last details!

The last stage is the most fun and satisfying stage in my opinion, because now it will really all come together and the expression on Venusaur’s face is really starting to show now.
A slow but rewarding process, you do not want to rush this part, you can either make it or break it in this particular stage!

The last thing i added where the glowing kind of background colors, this is really fun and free to do, it’s a more abstract kind of thing and is only able to show through using the spraypaint medium,
they are called ”flares” in graffiti terms.

The end result of the Venusaur Graffiti!
Closeup view.
View from my friends kitchen room.

The neigbours around had some very positive reactions, and the weather was great. So the experience itself was fun and welcoming. My friend was really excited to see the result and is very happy with his new outside view.
Next time he wakes up and get’s a coffee he will be welcomed by this enormous Venusaur!

Painting Murals are definitely the most rewarding when it comes to this job, and i can’t wait to show you guys what comes next!

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Thank you for reading and have a nice day,

Sjaak Leeflang,



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