How to draw Scizor – Pokémon drawing tutorial

Dear Reskdstroy reader / creative,

Today i would like to share the process behind my new Pokémon Scizor sketch!
As well as providing insight and tips on how you can also do this at home.
Explained to you step by step.

If you have not seen it yet make sure to also check out the video below documenting the process 🙂

Stages of creating the Scizor Drawing

Step by step we will be creating the Poké drawing, lets get your creativity on!

Sketching & brainstorming

In this first step i am thinking mainly thinking and deciding about the composition i want to portray.
The first thing that came to mind were the oldschool EX tcg arts.
They used to have the Pokémon displayed in great dynamic poses,
so i decided to recreate that effect.
For the stare i wanted him to be looking directly, almost making eye contact with the viewer.
In this stage i am not worried about mistakes or getting a messy look on the paper, it is impulsive in nature.

Abstraction with inks

This stage is my favorite of all stages besides the finishing touch.. And that would be Inking!
Grab any brush that suits the size of your medium, apply some ink and splatter it on the paper in a swift and rough manner, for making a really extreme and savage look!
Doest this not look awesome?! Please do this part outside folks, or cover your furniture from getting stained.. 😉

Coloring using pencils

We have had the sketch, more definition has been added with ink by outlining the sketch as well as layering the first part of the background. Now it is time to color the remaining blank spaces with soft looking pencils!
I used some ErgoSoft pencils and a large red pencil from a brand called Faber Castell. The cool thing about these pencils is that they can be smudged onto the paper using a slight bit of water on the tip of your finger. Almost giving this a watercolor kind of look to it.

Adding Glitter and Texture

Anything that glitters will do, glitters from your local hobby and crafts store or be like my extra self and use the wrapping of a KitKat chocolate bar. Make sure to not overdo this part, just a slight touch in some background areas will do the trick. We do not want our drawing to look like a christmas card from grandma!
A bit of glue will be applied to the paper and then you can use a brush or your fingers to paste them in the right spot

Customizing the Frame

A little experiment i have been getting into a bit too much lately, customizing cheap photo frames!
Unwrap the frame, design some decorative parts using clay or any other household item within reach.
I have even used fake plastic leaves once, there are no rules to this. Just make sure it is not to heavy beause we want the glue to be able to keep it on the frame while standing upward. The glue is superglue, protect your hands using latex gloves, it really is quite difficult to get off. After this we use spraypaint to paint the whole frame to make it look cohesive and give it the illusion of being made out of steel.

Final result!

Here is proudly present the finished product, this was made as a request from an instagram follower who has reached out to me about this piece through direct message.
Who knows i will be writing about your own personal request next time. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

What supplies were used to draw Pokémon Scizor!


I used relatively cheap photoframes from the store. As long as it is sturdy and easy to replace your image it should work, the reason i go with cheaper frames is because the clay and additional parts will be doing the trick, giving it a real cool visual representation of the subjected Pokémon!

Do and Dry Clay

Do and Dry!, that is what the packaging says.. it is extremely simple to use and there are no external materials needed to mold something. Ofcourse it is easy to smoothen edges using bits of water or certain knives to get a real sharp edge, but it’s a freestyle medium so do as you please!


Quite picky about my spraypaint brands, you could say that! Since Graffiti was the main reason that i started getting into art i know all about the right cans to use. I higly reccomend Montana Gold for crafts like these because the pressure is not that high, giving you more control and less ”drips”.

A Delicious KitKat!

Ofcourse i play with the candy packaging for entertainment purposes, but sometimes they really do come in handy, since decorative papers can get quite pricey and sometimes you just need a tad bit!
We are cutting triangle like shapes out of the wrapper and store them into a clear cup for now. To later be glued on the drawing.

Colored Pencils

Colored pencils by Ergosoft or Faber Castell will do the trick. Also on the left you can see the inking pens i used during this Scizor drawing, it comes with replaceable nibs for different stroke styles. They are produced by Manuscript.

All-Purpose Glue

Last but not least, some all purpose glue by Pritt accompanied by some decorational glittering flakes. These are pretty much available in any arts and crafts store.

Now you have all the tools, knowledge and insight you need to go and make your own work of art!
I am more than excited to see what my readers make, i promise that every person that sends me their craft that is based on this article to me in dm or email, will be shared with my 100K awesome followers!

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Have a creative day,

Sjaak – Reskdstroy


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