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Duskull Embroidered Hoodie Black


Duskull Embroidered Hoodie Black

High quality hoodie with full color embroidered design.

Custom designed Duskull  hoodie by Reskdstroy.

Regular hoodie, fits true to size

Earn up to 62 Points.

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Duskull Embroidered Hoodie Black

Duskull is a ghost type of pokemon. It will evolve into Dusclops around level 37.
Which then evolves into Dusknoir while holding a reaper cloth.
He appears in the anime of Camp Pikachu, as a friend of Wynaut aiding the Pichu Brothers.

Scaring both Meowth and Wobbuffet. In Fear Factor Phony 2 of Duskull were living in the abandoned Mining Colony.
Because they could not handle the partying psychic pokemon. Cute little reaper pokemon.

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