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Itachi sticker

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Itachi Sticker

High quality vinyl sticker with glossy finish.
The size of each sticker is around 5,9 inches / 15×15 centimeters.

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Itachi sticker

Itachi Uchiha (うちはイタチ, Uchiha Itachi) was a shinobi of Konohagakure’s Uchiha clan who served as an Anbu Captain.
He later became an international criminal after taking out his entire clan, sparing only his younger brother, Sasuke.
He afterwards joined the international criminal organisation known as Akatsuki.
Itachi of the Sharingan (写輪眼のイタチ, Sharingan no Itachi, literally meaning: Itachi of the Copy Wheel Eye.
Itachi was the first child born to Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha. His early childhood was marked with violence.

1 review for Itachi sticker

  1. ray cisneros (verified owner)

    Amazing artwork! my friend i personally see this as my own collection for me of your art i have eight itachi stickers personally i use 1 for my traveling gear looks so good! i will always support your art ReskDstroy! i would love to see more itachi artwork and a susanoo would be insane from you in the near future szpiiderr.

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