Levi Ackerman Embroidered Hoodie

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Levi Ackerman Embroidered Hoodie

Highly detailed embroidery on heavyweight hoodie.

Embroidered designs are ranging from the chest area, left side of the hood, and back.
The hoodie fits true to size, and the designs are in full color.

Earn up to 35 Points.


Levi Ackerman Embroidered Hoodie

As a result of his early childhood years, Levi is described as a “clean freak”
by those who know him personally as he prefers his environment and himself to be spotlessly clean.
He is averse to having either himself or his equipment soiled,
and has been known to wipe down his blood-smeared blades while still on the battlefield.
However, he will not hesitate to touch filth if he deems it necessary.

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This one is inspired by the show Attack on Titan.

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