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Rengoku Demon slayer Sticker

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Rengoku Demon slayer Sticker

High quality vinyl sticker with glossy finish.
The size of each sticker is around 5,12 inches / 13×13 centimeters.

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Rengoku Demon slayer Sticker

Kyojuro Rengoku was a Demon Slayer and the Flame Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps.
His father is Shinjuro Rengoku, his mother was Ruka Rengoku and his little brother is Senjuro Rengoku.
He was killed during a fight agaisnt, the Upper Moon Three, Akaza.

This is a anime / manga custom designed sticker by reskdstroy.

1 review for Rengoku Demon slayer Sticker

  1. perezr1

    Awesome sticker! Fits into the red theme I have going on my hydroflask 😁

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