Top 10 Embroidered Anime Hoodies

Dear Creative,

Through the years we have had the pleasure of making and designing lots of custom anime embroidered hoodies.
When i was scrolling through my personal archive a few days back a question appeared in my mind…

Which sweaters have had the most interesting design backstory and how would they be ranked in quality?
Before i forget what is was doing and thinking on those creative days, i would like to document the process behind all those pieces in this article!

And most important of all ! please let me know if you agree and if not let me know how you would rank them in the comment section 🙂

Number 10

”Luffy Custom Embroidered Hoodie”

The hoodie is inspired by One Piece’s very own Monkey.D Luffy
Lots of requests and a big love for the series was the main motivation for creating this item.

As you migh have noticed, one thing i love to do is add design elements on as much places as possible, ranging from the
sides of the hood, the front and the back of the garment and ofcourse the sleeves.

As you can see on the frontal design, a red colored thread is used to create a border like effect, this gives it more structure and a bit of order
to the design. The left side of the hood contains the ”Devil Fruit”
And on the back you can see the Straw Hat Pirates very own flag.

This piece is ranked #10 because it sold out quite fast and it was worn by Mark from RDCWorld!

Number 9

”Grimmjow Blue Embroidered Hoodie”

Who doesn’t like Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez?
This character from the anime series ”Bleach” most definitely had way too much style not to be captured in some fine stitched thread.

He is an Arrancar and the sixth Espada in Sōsuke Aizen’s army.
The remains of his hollow mask shows the right jawbone, this looked so badass to me i had to incorporate this on the right side of the hood.
The designing process for this piece was quite fun and the color of the sweater was also picked out of custom made fabric.
Because i really we had to get the color right for this one.

This piece deserves spot number 9 because it was really received really well by the followers
and it is the first colorized embroidered hoodie we have made. Not to mention the fact that i love wearing it myself as well haha.

Number 8

”Hashirama Embroidered Hoodie”

When i was watching the Naruto episode of Hashirama figthing Madara Uchiha i was instantly inspired to create this item.
The trees growing around the whole hoodie made for an interesting look, it was quite a challenge production wise but it was
worth the hassle 😛 The favorite thing i must point out about this stitching is the face area, sometimes faces can be quite hard
to get right embroidery wise but this came out excellent.

This piece deserves rank number 8 because of its originality and challenging but rewarding process.

Hashirama vs Madara ( Spoiler )

This clip right here taken out of the Naruto Shippuden series is what inspired me to create this Hashirama hoodie ( Number 8 ). Thus his ”wood element jutsu” is visible all over the garment.

Number 7

”Portgas D. Ace Hoodie”

If we were to speak purely out of popular demand, this one would most likely be rank number #1.
But since i want to reconsider more aspects regarding the overall rating, it takes place on spot #7
Released and produced in 2020, had alot of fun especially on designing the hood part where you can see
the 2 funny and eerie looking smileys in a violet purple thread.

I think this piece was received quite well because of its wearability, it’s definitely not boring but not too flashy either.
Also since lots of people have a weak spot for this character in general.
Ace was the older brother of Luffy and Sabo, and son of Gol D. Roger.

This piece deserves spot number 7 because of the overwhelming support from you guys at the release.
Getting your hands on one of these might be quite a challenge now.

Number 6

”Pikachu Chanel Embroidered Hoodie”

Yes, indeed.. this piece was made in my logo obsession / anime mashup years.
Can you guess how many of these witty logo’s i have made throughout the years? Leave a comment on this article and you might win a prize.
Pokemon has always been a big inspiration in my life and i can not really seem to avoid creating pocket monster type designs.
It makes up quite a romantic design don’t you agree ?

This piece deservers spot number 6 because it’s a happy and electrifying design.
Also quite a rare piece since the stock was very low.

Number 5

”Gaara x Nike Embroidered Hoodie”

Embroidery wise this must be the most detailed and time consuming piece on the whole list.
The amount of stitches i forgot but i remember it took a whole afternoon for 1 hoodie to be embroidered!
Gaara has a Nike logo warping out of his Sand Gourd, while keeping his intimidating green gaze forward.
Currently he is a Shinobi of Sunagakure, as well as the jinchūriki of the One-Tailed Shukaku.
His alias is Gaara of the Sand / Gaara of the desert.
One of my favorite Naruto characters because of his look and backstory.

This piece deserves number 5 because of the embroidery quality.

Number 4

”Itachi Crow Embroidered Hoodie”

Another one, Dj Khaled voice..
This is another one of those pieces that just did what it had to do, the designs translate well and i made sure that
my favavorite character Uchiha Itachi was done justice here.
On the front you can see the quote ; “Any technique is worthless before my eyes” which is one of my favorites of his.
The left side of the hood are covered by an old english font saying ”CROW”
And on the other side of the hood actual crow silhouettes are represented.

This piece deserves number 4 because it is just the perfect Itachi-fan hoodie.

Alternative Itachi Hoodie

For those of you who are bummed about missing out on the embroidered version of the Itachi Crow hoodie,
i might have did something to ease the pain 😛
We also released a few printed versions of this hoodie..
This link wil redirect you to this particular item.

Number 3

”Pain Embroidered Hoodie”

My favorite colorscheme, purple,yellow and black.
The signature rinnegan eyes peeking through the darkness, with an underlying quote about understanding pain.
It doesn’t get anymore emo than that.
Nagato, primarily known under the alias of Pain, is the leader and founder of the Akatsuki.
He wishes to capture the tailed beasts that are sealed into various people around the Shinobi world.
Nagato was conceived as a villain, but you can also see him a sa victim of war.

One of the most powerful appearances in the Naruto series, thus deserving spot number 3.

Number 2

”TNF Articuno Embroidered Hoodie”

At first i was going to pick this one as number 1.. but i changed my mind last minute.
This particular piece went viral on instagram and got loads of good reactions, that really made me appreciate
all of the support. But other than that, i felt quite happy with the mashup design! it just looks so majestic and has this
”rare” vibe around it i can’t really put into words haha. Articuno is also one of those pokemon i have always adored.
Ofcourse not as much as Lugia but still.. u get the point 😉
The hoodie was made using this amazing heavyweight fabric which made the embroidery sit really well and sturdy.

This one deserves #2 because everything just feels right about this piece.

Number 1

” Goku Rose x Nike Embroidered Hoodie”

There was no other hoodie that could top this one in the ranking, just because of the effect this one had
when it released. To this day people are still emailing and messaging about a restock.
I am 100% sure this design started off the anime / nike / logo mashup trend. This one was really the trendsetter so to say.
It was not done or seen before, which was also really visible in the reaction of the followers at the time.
Instantly thousands of people visited the webstore and it sold really well.
Other than the effect, the designing process was so fun and exciting since i was really trying something new at the time.
I was probably even more excited to how this than any other piece i did for the Reskdstroy webstore.

And with this one i wanted to round up the list as well as this article.

Thanks to everyone reading this and i really would love to hear your personal take on this list.

Feel free to message me, comment or email.

Is there something you would love to see embroidered? Just shoot me a message and we will work something out.

Have a nice day my friend,

Isaac – Reskdstroy.


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